BBLINE – Curtain Magnets

Client. BBLINE
Skills. Shooting Video – Illustration –  Art Direction

Creative team
Art Director: Morena Nerri
Photographer: Ivano Messinese
Illustrator: Morena Nerri
Visual Merchandiser: Fenice Vision


BBLINE is one of the main Italian suppliers for Curtain Magnets distributed across the Large Scale Retail Trade. We were called to realize a sort of video tutorial to explain the products and how to use them in the real situations at home. One of the main purposes has been to create a format, easy to translate in 5 languages.


SHOOTING AND STORYTELLING We decided to use the gestures of a Theatrical actress and some graphic panels to better explain to the final customer the steps to follow for a correct use of the magnets.

EXCLUSIVE ILLUSTRATIONS Morena Nerri created 9 exclusive illustrations as the example of the final result to obtain.

See the VIDEO