HONDA Italy Concept for Eicma 2014 🏍

Client. Honda Italia
Skills. event design

Creative team
Director. Ivano Messinese & Morena Nerri


Honda Italia Motorcycle is the motorcycle market leader worldwide.
The marketing department wanted to prepare a new concept of press conference for the incoming Eicma Edition.
There were no more guidelines about the press conference.
We had only a problem of timing, because Honda Worldwide was deciding about the join at the incoming edition of Eicma, because of a legal affair.


Inspired by our last flashmob for Suzuki, we tried to imagine a brand performance to make more lively the usual press conference.

To realize something strongly different, we defined the target and three main themes:
A multisensory approach
A dance Affinity
Something worth to be reminded positively

Our project consider the press conference as a unique event where Honda could present its new model to the journalists and bloggers through the scent, through the music, through the taste and the dance performance meanwhile people breathe, taste, listen and touch a naturally Honda environment.
So the press conference would have been a set where all people will be permeate of Honda, inside and outside.
This kind of event would have been useful to trace a new presentation way which the competitors could follow only.

See the VIDEO