New brand for Suzuki used certified motorcycles

Client. Suzuki Italia S.p.A.
Skills. Brand & collateral

Creative team
Copywriter. Ivano Messinese
Art Director. Morena Nerri


Suzuki needed to develop a new Brand for its Used Certified Motorcycle Program. Suzuki even wanted something to use like a label to enrich the motorcycle certificates as a part of them. The last thing required was the communication towards the dealer and to the final customer.


BRAND To encourage people to choose a certified Suzuki motorcycle, which costs a little more than another without the 85 check controls, we thought about how reliable was all japanese motorcycles, and expecially the Suzuki’s One.
We tried to imagine how this concept of reliability and long lasting could be communicate to a rider or someone who want to become a rider.
Finally we found the way asking ourselves what was the first action that every riders do buying a new/used motorcycle: we all do Gasoline.
From this concept, we created the brand called “Ready to ride”.
We placed the lettering in the right location where riders live their passion: into the street.

So we have done a circular blue badge, with dark macadam pattern, which has inside the name of the brand: Ready To Ride.
The shape is circular to remind that every meter ridden on the certified used motorcycle, is done thanks to the safe environment where Suzuki has included the Motorcycle and its rider.
The concept of safety is strenght inside the circular badge: in case of need, ask to the official dealer and sure you can find the solutions in the Suzuki way of life.
The Brand Ready To Ride is actually used on every Suzuki’s official communication, ATL and BTL.


UNCONVENTIONAL FLYER We started from one fact: all the dealers have a lot of flyers put everywhere in the shops.
We were talking on behalf of Suzuki and we wanted to do this in the right, officially, not conventional, way.
We decided to occupy the last free place: the dealer’s last mile before the shopping act, also known as “the motorbike”.

So we designed a door hanger flyer with a Suzuki’s glove which seems to accelerate while is hanging on the gas grip.
Our unconventional door hanger speaks directly to our, interested, customer: and to nobody else.



The glove in the picture is not a real neither an official Suzuki’s equipment: ask us why!