Layout Design for Eyewear Exhibition Stands 🕶

Skills: Exhibit Design – Illustration – Shooting Photo –  Art Direction

Creative team
Art Director: Morena Nerri
Photographer: Ivano Messinese
Illustrator: Morena Nerri
Exhibith Design: Lame Sheep


NRC Occhiali is an Italian Company which design and realize Sport Sunglasses both for enthusiasts and for Pro Athlethes. We were called to design a new concept of Exhibit Stand to spread the values of Good Design, high quality materials, performances and Energy, in which NRC strongly believe. The Exhibit concept (not layout) would also be repeatable in every circumsistances all over the World during every event.


EUROBIKE 2015 – Germany We introduced the first White layout, in 2015 during The Global Show EUROBIKE in Friedrichshafen in Germany. Our approach has been focused on a single range of products, with a small, well showed numbers of products. The space inside the Stand, was quite entirely used for meet the clients and the distributors and every images was edited to spread positive energy and the Brand Identity values.

EUROBIKE 2016 – Germany Every graphic of The White Exhibiton Stand was dedicated to celebrate the Awatdness of the Brand trough the Success of our pro Athlethes. We introduced also the Brand new 3 stripes Brand, designed by Morena Nerri

VISION-EXPO 2016 – Las Vegas  The small space was a small masterpiece of our Proud Italian Design in the USA.